Friday, July 13, 2012

New Heineken Bottle Launch 2012 @KL Live with Ferry Corsten

Heyy loveliess!
So here's the continuation of my post about the New Heineken Bottle Launch event @KL Live 
as promised! 

Models were asked to be at KL Live by 4pm for preparations like make up, hairdo etc etc! I reached right on time and my goodness, the parking rates there almost gave me a heart attack! The rates were ; first hour RM 4 and subsequently RM 3. Just so you know, my working time was till 2am! *gulpppsss* I went a little bizarre after I saw the rates! KL parking can be such pain in the ass at times! So expensive for whatt?? 

Okay, back to the event. Makeups and hairdos were provided by them! Saved so much trouble for me, especially with my still-cannot-make-it and inconsistent makeup skills. On the happier note, I got to watch my makeup artist's work and got a little tips here and there on makeup. Though our makeup was a little TOO extreme that night lah, but her shading was UNBELIEVABLE! (make me soooo wanna restock on my makeups noww!)


Room filled with models, makeup artist, bodyart artist and organizers!
Such a mess in there! :P

And the makeover begins! 

Both makeup and bodyart artist behind me!

Makeup ; DONE!

Full body, before the hairdo!
After I put on the uniform, all I can think of was 
Mr. Grinch!

Thank god our eye shadows weren't green as well! O.O

And now, time for hairdo and bodyart! Bodyart was just a simple one though.
And honestly, I would prefer if they let us put our hair down!
Looks better, no?

Just grey paint with glitters :)
More like a handart, than a body one.

The end result ; full body!
(look at the HAIRRRR o.o)

 Close up pictures of the hair!

Tong ku tao!
(mushroom head lol)

 And if you noticed, they added a loonggg stretch of eyeliner at the end of my lower lids. 
Didn't really liked it though :( 

 Close up!

So we were stationed at our work place at 8pm sharp! I was stationed at the VIP section, upstairs! Considered myself lucky to be stationed upstairs, cause the atmosphere was a lot crazy down there! And as a plus point, my brother and his friends were there partying too! Their table was just opposite of where I was standing! Companionssss :) 

Overall the event was fine. Though some of my brother's friend left early due to boredom, while others enjoyed the spin by Ferry Corsten! And I didn't know who was he by the way, and why people were so excited to meet up and hear him spin! But his music was really good, accompanied me throughout the night!

On top of that, Zhang Yao Dong was there that night partying too! I was the one to serve him beers when suddenly he looked at me and said thank you. I was in shock!

Zhang Yao Dong, Singapore TV series actor!

And about the bottle? There were small changes here and there. The Heineken Quality bottle cap, longer neck, transparent label, thumb groove and embossed logo!

Finally, we were allowed to leave at 1.30am, to return the uniform and heels! I loved the heels!! Although it was the one killing me the entire night! 

Ooh oh! My high heels mojo is coming back! :D 

And thank GOD! My parking ticket only summed up to RM 17! Still it was expensive, but wayyyyy way cheaper than I expected after looking at the parking rates! *such a relieveeeeeeee!*

Aights, that's my part on the New Heineken Bottle Launch 2012 event @KL Live!
Do leave comments below if you've went to the party that night as well, or your thoughts on it or my blog post!


Pre-post on New Heineken Bottle Launch @KL Live


As mentioned in the previous blog post, 
I'll be working at KL Live for the New Heineken Bottle Launch, which happened last night.

I swear I couldn't feel my feet during and right after the event ended!
Those killer heels were giving me unbearable pain and soree, and painn! 
We were standing in them for more than 6 long hours..
And they claimed that the heels were imported down all the way from Hong Kong for us!
No different from the local ones at all, they were still murdering my feet!

Make up, hairdo, uniform and heels were provided by the organizers by the way!
Definitely a plus point for them on this! (Not all would be so kind okay) 
Though I do think that the uniform, make up and hairdo were kind of w...e...i...r......ddd !
I looked like I was an alien sent from outer space!
Joking you NOT! 

You'll see for yourself after I upload em' pictures here!
By tomorrow, maybe? 

More details about the event on the next post! 
You've seen many updates on events from the media and bloggers, maybe from a freelancer this time would be something different?
Haha, but keep your expectations low though!

Aightss, its getting late!
Sweetdreams, xo. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Greetings, earthlings !

Remember me? 

Sudden urge to start blogging again, hopefully my readers have not gave up on me yet. 
Nonetheless, somewhere where I can spill things out again, with a mixture of happy and sad moments. 
(other than spilling to le boyfriend, ofcourse)

But yeapp, it's official! 
I'm gonna be back to blogging again :)

Anyhoo, bedtime now! 
Gonna be working tomorrow for Heineken Bottle Launch @KL Live
Moo-lahhssss are so hard to earn this days, isn't it?
But definitely a must for me to work to support my crazy spendings! :O

But better yet, something to look forward to tomorrow!
More updates soon, come back!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hennessy Artistry 2011 @ The Mines

Greetings, sygs!
How's your day today? Getting the usual Monday blues?

Before you start reading, be warned that this is a photo blogpost!
Filled with camwhoring pictures that might scare you away and never come back to this blog again!

Hope not!

there was a havoc caused by a freak thunderstorm & hailstones around my housing area yesterday, causing trees to collapse, floods at low land areas, spoilt traffic lights and lamppost.
But thank god nothing happened to my place,
only that our house got stroke by lightning causing a blackout.
The storm was madness!

Despite the horrible-first-time-experience of a freak thunderstorm,
I did enjoy my weekend very much, along with my cousin sister, Han En :')
Both of us worked for Hennessy Artistry, being their brand ambassador.
The whole event took place at The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre !

Worked for 3 consecutive days!
We had training on Thursday, press conference on Friday and last but not least, the finale on Saturday!
The event was definitely fun and exciting!
It was my first time experience working in an event job with my sister love, Han En.
It was her very first time working for an event btw, hope she had fun too! :)

So yeah, lets start!
I'm gonna cramp three days activity into one post!
Here goes :)

Day 1, 10 Nov.

We were asked to go for a training,
where they teach us how, what and what shouldn't be done during the event.
Pretty strict towards us, as usual.
But the one that handled us girls were really nice, especially Adel and Cassie!
And the two other malay girls too, I didn't catch their name.

So yeahhh,
this is just a small view of how they turned this empty hall into such a phenomenal place.
The stage was huge!
Hennessy Artistry was definitely a success!

And while waiting for the person in charge to brief us about our job scope during the press conference and finale, I entertained myself :P

Pink bunny ears! Shooo cuteeeee, no?

And while waiting for rest of the girls to arrive, here comes our camwhoring session!

Elaine :)

Day 2, 11 Nov.

Cousin sister did not attend the press conference, so I drove there alone.
Got my make up done at home before leaving!
Smokey eyesss

On the way home,

I absolutely lovelovelove the hairdo!
One of the make up artist helped me with it!

What do you think? :)

I love my curly baby, & she loves me too!

Cannot afford to lose her

Day 3, 12 Nov.

Hennessy Artistry finale, which was the whole point of the training and press conference!
Thank god my she was there with me the whole time, or else I'll be all alone!
Barely know anyone there :/

So we went there together, put on make up together (with our bare hands T.T), tied our hair together, changed together and camwhore together!

Yesssss, we did everything together!
teehee :)

After putting on our make up!
Previously I was sooo upset I did not bring my make up brushes along!
*smackself :(

I hunch a lot!
Bad, badd habit!

Yours truly

Silly us! Haha!

My gorgeous sister She's turning to a MEI NU already! :D

Han En Larissa


Valerie, so jealous of her height! :(

New girl friends :)

I was in charge to work at the Hennessy Mixing Bar.
Was sooo busy during the first half of the event, which was good, it made time past faster!
I'm still trying to collect all of the pictures taken by the photographers during the event!

If you've seen any at anywhere (facebook or blogs), do let me know!

Till here about hennessy artistry!
Will update more soon!

Stay tune!
toodles :)